Marketing Your Online Ordering Site

Marketing Your Online Ordering Site

You've set-up your online ordering site, now what?

Don't worry, we are sharing key ways to let your customers know about your new online ordering site to ensure its success! 


Add a note on your receipts to get the word out quickly that they can order ahead next time, on your online ordering site! 

If you have the capability, you could even include a QR code on your receipt which sends them straight there! 
In your Square settings, you have the ability to customize the receipts that get emailed and printed out! 
This is a great opportunity to throw in a QR code and add a link to your online ordering site. This way all customers would need to do is scan their printed receipt or click on the link in the email they are sent after shop in-store, and be taken to your online ordering site for next time!
Don't miss out on the opportunity to utilize these functions in your Square account to add QR codes and custom text to your digital and physical receipts to drive customers to your online ordering site! 

Read this article from Square to learn how to customize your receipts. 


Window clings

Every walk-in customer passes through  your doorway –  show off your new site with signage.


Table tents

Table tents (provided) are a great way to let your patrons know about your new site. Set them out!


Flyer inserts

Include a note with your restaurant’s to-go orders with instructions on how to order ahead on your online ordering site. You can create a simple digital flyer to print and hand out/ attach to customers to-go bags.  This doesn't need to take a lot of time or money, below is an example of a flyer printed off of a home printer in color at stapled to-go bags. It advertises their app, but the same can be done for your online ordering site. 



Place a button on your website letting visitors know that they can order ahead and can order from your online ordering site next time! Make it easy for them and make this as visible as possible. The button on your website should route to your online ordering site. All customers need to do is visit your website, click the button and order! 

Social Media

Make sure you are posting on all of your social media platforms that you now have an online ordering site. Sharing posts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. that let customers know about your new site and any promotions you may be running are crucial in gaining exposure and app users.  

  1. Make a highlight about your online ordering site

  2. Pin posts or reels to the top of your feed, so that it's always visible that you can order ahead. 

Below is an example of a social media account that has all of these things completed

  1. A dedicated highlight 

          Be sure to link your online ordering site in your stories (using the link button) so customers can click and order
          This article explains how to do this, if you do not know how to. 
  1. Pinned posts at the top of their feed 

Email Campaigns

You have customer data stored in your POS, accessing it and sending out an email directly to them is such an easy way to communicate with your customers. If you are a Square customer you may already pay for Square Marketing. If you do, you should send an email to all of your email subscribers letting them know that you have an online ordering site and attach a link to download it. There are a lot of free services like where you can upload your customer's data in a CSV file.
From there you can create emails on their platform (instead of paying for Square marketing).
To export your data from Square to another site. You can export your customer list from your Square Dashboard:
Visit Customers in your online Square Dashboard
Click Import / Export > Export Customers.
Click Download.
A .CSV file will download to your computer, which you can open using Excel or another common spreadsheet software. 

Employee Training

An important part of your site's success lies with your employees. If they are not actively communicating with customers who come in and are not ordering ahead on the site, it is their job to direct them to use it in the future.

Whether that is pointing them to a QR code by the register to scan (they can bookmark your online ordering site on their phones), or telling them to visit your website and clicking the "order now" button which would direct to your online ordering site.

This is where it is important to have signage displayed that make it as easy and as clear as possible to use your site. Employees should be making customers aware of the benefits of using your site.

Examples of the benefits (depending on your set-up) might be saving time, skipping the line, special promotions, rewards set up for your ordering online, delivery, curbside pickup etc. 


Voicemail Greetings

Record a greeting telling your customers about your new site. Make sure to not accept phone orders if you did in the past.  The point of having an online ordering site is to make ordering easier and you don't need employees spending time on the phone taking orders.  Having a voicemail greeting that tells customers to go your online ordering site and order ahead is a great way to educate them on your new and improved ordering process. 


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