Online Ordering: Without Using An App!

Online Ordering: Without Using An App!


Online ordering just got easier for your customers. Now they can order without downloading your app!

If you have been wanting an app-free option for customers to order from, without having to download your app, now they can! 

Our Online Ordering feature is perfect for Farmer's Markets or any event, or as a link on your website for customers to click and order quickly. 

This highly requested feature is already live, making it easier and faster for your customers to order and check out.

Here's how it works:
  • Customers visit your online ordering link on a mobile device or desktop

  • They're directed to your online ordering site (they are not required to download your app)

  • They select the start my order button & place their order

          That's it!

If you are a long time client with Ordrslip, you may have already been using this link to direct customers to download your app before this new Online Ordering feature was made live.

Now this link behaves differently than it did before this update, as it will link to your Online Ordering site and no longer prompt customers to download your app.  
The links we share now to newly live customers are specific, either for downloading your app or Online Ordering. 

If you are an existing client and notice this change, you may want like to have a strictly Online Ordering link. If so, reach to support by emailing them at
They can get you both an online ordering link and a download link for you to share.

Below is a picture of what the change to our online ordering will look like.
Previously customers saw a page that prompted them to download your app, pictured on the left.
Now they do not, and that is pictured on the right. 

If you have any questions or feedback about this new feature, we want to hear from you!
Our Customer Success team is ready to help you reach more customers.

You can always reach them by emailing

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