Rewards For Your Customers

Rewards For Your Customers

Offering rewards for your customers is an important part of your app or online ordering site's success. 

Having a rewards system in place and integrated is crucial in incentivizing your customers to order from you again and again. 

Ordrslip offers two kinds of rewards options to enable & configure for your customers

1. Punch cards 
2. Square Loyalty integration (must have an active Square Loyalty membership to connect with Ordrslip)

Punch Cards

If you are a Clover user, or if you are a Square user who does not pay for Square Loyalty, then this is the feature for you. 
Our punch cards allow you to setup in-app rewards for your customers at no additional expense to you, all within the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard!
Login to the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard 
Click Marketing - > Rewards - > Punchcards 

You will see that you have the option at the top to enable/disable this feature
Step 1. Toggle this ON (the button will turn green when enabled) 

Step 2. Click Edit in the Punch Card Reward field.
You will then choose whether your reward (when met) will be a flat amount off of an order, or a specific percentage off of an order. 

Step 3. Click Edit by the Number Of Points Required area 
You will choose how many points a customer needs to accumulate in order to be eligible to receive the reward you are setting up. 

Step 4. Click Edit next to the Minimum Order Amount area
You will assign a dollar amount to each point 

Once a customer has met the threshold that you have set, they will be eligible for the reward and can redeem it at checkout. 

Square Loyalty Integration

If you are a Square user who currently pays for Square Loyalty, you can connect your account (and whatever reward you have set up) to your mobile app or online ordering site.
This allows your customers to accumulate rewards both in your mobile app or online ordering site AND in-person. 
Customers are given a more streamlined rewards experience, by linking your Square Loyalty account with Ordrslip it prevents separate rewards from piling up. 
If you are a Square user, and you currently use physical punch cards for in-store purchases and want to offer rewards in your app, but also want to avoid the hassle of juggling both in-store and digital rewards, then considering signing up for this service with Square might be a good idea. 

Please read this article to see step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Square Loyalty account with Ordrslip.  

What Your Customers Will See 

Whether you have linked Square Loyalty with Ordrslip or if you have punch cards enabled, this is how rewards will appear to customers on a mobile devices.

Customers will click on the profile icon 

They will then see rewards in the list of options to click on 

They will see how many punches they have accumulated so far
There will be a description of the requirements for a punch.
This will display however you have this setup in your Square Loyalty account or configured punch card. 
If they want to see a history of rewards that they have redeemed, they can click on the "rewards history" option to view that

To redeem their reward, customers will add an item(s) to the cart
From there, they will customers will click on the "apply discounts" button 

Once "apply discounts" is selected, the customer should see their reward waiting for them to select on that screen 

All they would need to do is click that reward and the use promo button.

After that the reward will be taken off of their order total. 
They would place their order and they are done! 

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