Setting Up Your Location

Setting Up Your Location

While in the Onboarding process, it is important to set up your app correctly.
The majority of this is done in the Ordslip Admin Dashboard.
This article focuses on setting up your location(s) so that it will be visible in your app for testing.
After all of those steps are complete, you can test out your new location in your app and can feel confident once your app goes live that everything is set correctly. 

Step 1. Create Your Location In Your POS

Make sure your location is listed in your POS (if this isn't already done)

In Square you will click:
Settings -> Account & Settings - > Business Information - > Locations - > Create  Location

Step 2. Add Your New Location To Your Menu      

In your POS make sure that you assign your location to the appropriate items, categories and menus. 

If you location has a specific menu, create it and assign the correct items.

Step 3. Sync In The Ordrslip Admin Dashboard

Login to the Ordslip Admin Dashboard and clicking the SYNC button will bring over the new changes you have made for your new location.

Step 4. Add Your New Location To Your Menu 

Click Configuration - > Catalog/Item Library - > Menus - > Edit 

Once you select Edit for the menu in your app, you will scroll down and add your new location to be visible in that menu. 

Then scroll down and use the search bar to type your new location 
Once it pops up, select it and click Save Changes

Now your new location is added to your menu! 

Step 5. Set Your Location's Parameters

You will want to set up:

  1. Store Hours 
  2. Pickup Hours
  3. Delivery Hours (if enabled)
  4. A Base Wait Time 
  5. Pickup Integration (make sure the enable/disable mobile ordering is ON and Enable/Disable Pickup and Set Pickup Hours is ON) 
  6. Curbside (optional) 
  7. Delivery (optional) 
Below is what you should see when all of your integrations are set up 

Test It Out 

Once you have completed the 5 steps above, check your app. 

Make sure you see your new location from the list of locations when you click pickup or delivery
Double check that your new location has a menu displayed.
Place a test order.

If you encounter any errors in this process, it is because one of the 5 steps above was not completed. 

Be sure to check out the "How To Test Your App" article to make sure you are prepared when your app is able to go live.

If you are still having trouble or have questions, please email and they will help you out. 

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